What are Polyurethane Inkdots®

A thick and rubbery polyurethane formulae that is elastic and supple, yet scratch-proof and very durable. It is applied in multiple layers through a silkscreen process to the areas where protection from abrasion as well as an anti-slip grip is needed, such as gloves palms, socks soles, speargun chest loading pads, knees and elbows.

What are Smoothskin Seals?

Smoothskin is actually the upper and lower crests of the master foam after it comes out of the mold. Think of an angel cake that was just baked. Imagine the crusty surface that is smooth since it was the one exposed to the heat of the oven. We at Yazbeck, use that “crust” as a […]

What is the Hamour Camouflage?

The Hamour Camo pattern is definitely the most effective Camouflage design ever to be created. It is a world premiere in many aspects. Its chameleon-like instant morphing, blends-in any surrounding environment, rendering different hues, depending on light, colors or shapes, with such a holographic effect, that it’s nothing short of magic. Never before has a camouflage behaved […]

What is Impermeaflex®?

Impermeaflex® is a unique and exclusive fabric specially knit from a blend of ultra-supple, high performance, specially knitted synthetic fibers. Contrary to the traditional fabrics normally used in the past by the industry, Impermeaflex® has less tension and stretches 4 ways, at more than 3.5 times its own length, making it even more elastic than […]

Why dive in a Yazbeck Holoblend® Camo wetsuit?

FreeDive Hunting photographers, videographers and spearfishers, seek that unique moment for the perfect shot.Whether it is for that once in a lifetime photo, video footage or trophy game fish; Holoblend® will give freedive hunters around the world the edge. It is the answer to their ultimate quest; blending in and getting their subject to get […]

What is “Holoblend®” ?

This is the natural evolution of the 3D Camouflage that Yazbeck created in 2004. It was a first, introduced to the freedive hunting and spearfishing world in 2005 through the launching of the preeminent Yazbeck Camo Thermoflex model wetsuit. Holoblend® is another world exclusive by Roger Yazbeck and can only be obtained through a sublimation […]