Why dive in a Yazbeck Holoblend® Camo wetsuit?

FreeDive Hunting photographers, videographers and spearfishers, seek that unique moment for the perfect shot.Whether it is for that once in a lifetime photo, video footage or trophy game fish; Holoblend® will give freedive hunters around the world the edge. It is the answer to their ultimate quest; blending in and getting their subject to get as close as possible to them.

Spearfishers want to outsmart that elusive fish. On land or in water, blending in the surrounding is what preys as well as predators have been perfecting since the dawn of time. On any outing, hike or dive, just take the time to really look around you. You will start seeing this pattern everywhere; plants, insects, reptiles, mammals, birds, mollusks, crustaceans and fish. Camouflage is a magical art.

Holoblend® is the answer to every freedive hunter’s ultimate goal; getting as close as possible to their subject, for that perfect and, sometimes, one in a lifetime shot

When stalking fur and feather game, each careful extra step of barely one foot would change the whole perspective for a hunter’s trained eyes. Suddenly, the tiny flag of a cottontail in the corn field, the contour of a grouse against the autumn’s carnival colored maple leafs, or the black dot, betraying the eye of an all-white hare bundled in the snow, would make all the difference between an exquisite family game dinner with the glamorous tales for dessert, and the sorry “been –skunked” feeling over a bitter beer downed with the story of the one that got away.

Make no mistake; a great Camouflage makes all the difference. No matter how good and experienced a freedive hunter is, properly blending in the surrounding does give an edge and will increase the chance of success.

Sure, we all know that the fish can see, feel, hear and smell us, no matter what. That’s a fact.

Not only fish can see us, but unlike most animals, they see us in color too, since their eyes have all 3 types of RGB color detecting cones just like humans do.

Fish can also smell us. So let’s make sure to skip the aftershave or deodorant before the morning dive ?

Fish can also hear us. Sound is stronger and travels almost 5 times faster in water than in air. So they can even hear our heart beat.

And finally, fish can sense and feel our presence in the water. Let’s not forget this is their home. They can feel the not so subtle current change as it moves around us when lying in wait, and can even guess our size based on that.

So why bother wearing a Camo wetsuit? Well, we all know the old adage: “Curiosity killed the cat”. The fish feels, hears and smells an alien in their backyard. They “know” we’re there. But they need to take a look. That’s simple curiosity. They usually almost always manage to sneak up on us from behind. If what they actually see does not correspond to what they “know” and “feel”, this will trigger another scouting response. Holoblend® is breaking-up our one big shape and form into several smaller parts. That’s what camouflage does to trick the eye / brain connection. Chances are they will come for a closer look and voila; the edge we were looking for.

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