Yazbeck – General Sponsorship Policy

Due to issues of integrity, Yazbeck will sponsor only those who have purchased our products in the past.

We need people to consult others based on their own experiences regarding the performance and quality of our products and are sincere when recommending our products to others.  Yazbeck produces high quality products and our prices reflect this.  Part of this experience is what a new buyer goes through, in making an acquisition of such caliber with their hard earned income, when they decide to purchase Yazbeck products.

Those seeking employment with any brand that will accept them, we thank you for considering us but we do not think we are a good fit for you at this time.

At Yazbeck, we work hard developing our products, we have confidence that our products can stand on their own.

Those who pledge to help others, give back to the community, and feel they have the skill set to represent Yazbeck are welcomed with open arms. We would be happy to discuss mutually beneficial ideas you may have to help us foster the ideals we aim for and the virtues we hold true.

Our community is tight-knit. At Yazbeck we view those sporting the Yazbeck logo, as friends and family and those without, our soon to be friends and family.   We ask that all people be treated as friends and family by individuals, groups, or events representing Yazbeck.

Please proceed to fill out the form if you fit the above criteria…..Include your full contact info, social media links, Resume (if any) and Photos. Thank you for your interest in Yazbeck!

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