What is Impermeaflex®?

Impermeaflex® is a unique and exclusive fabric specially knit from a blend of ultra-supple, high performance, specially knitted synthetic fibers. Contrary to the traditional fabrics normally used in the past by the industry, Impermeaflex® has less tension and stretches 4 ways, at more than 3.5 times its own length, making it even more elastic than neoprene itself. Therefore, Yazbeck wetsuits are so supple, they fit and feel like surgical gloves.


The look: Rich, Glossy, Deep and the highest resolution sublimated dye, like print media. Produces 3D and Holographic Camo effects

The feel: Smooth, silky, soft and supple unlike any other laminating fabric.

The functionalityHydrodynamic: it will cut through water faster, because unlike other fabrics, it’s hydrophobic. Waterproof: The wetsuit will therefore be lighter out of the water and will dry in minutes. Imagine how nice and warm it is to wear it again for another dive a few minutes later. Suppler: Will stretch more and allow for an optimal comfort and much better fit. This means a longer breath-hold with each dive and longer hours in the water due to the increased freedom of movement. Stronger: It will resist wear and tear more than traditional fabrics. Resilient: it will not creep nor lose its properties as it ages. Resistant: Will never bleach under duress and the elements, such as U.V or salt water. Therefore it will last much longer than other fabrics.

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