What are the main features of “NanoPreneShield®” ?

NanopreneShield® is another Yazbeck proprietary blend of Titanium Oxide lined directly on the naked open cell (split-cell), rendering it slick and smooth like Teflon™ and adding extra properties to the wetsuit, such as: 1-    Ease of donning; no need for lubrication 2-    Low friction; therefore reducing considerably the fatigue caused by the constant swimming  movements 3-    Bacteriotatic; bacterial rashes and odor […]

What makes the Yazbeck Neoprene so different?

Yazbeck Wetsuits are made using Yamamoto Japan Neoprene exclusively. That Neoprene, being of 100% CR closed cells Chloroprene, it owes its extraordinary and superior thermal insulation and comfort features, to the hundreds of thousands of tiny nitrogen bubbles trapped in the tiny closed cells within the Chloroprene foam of the Neoprene itself. This is similar […]

What is a freediving wetsuit?

The Yazbeck wetsuit is made using the newest generation Neoprene that can only be manufactured in Japan. It must be 100% CR (Chloroprene)Neoprene, that’s why. The CR Neoprene relies on Nitrogen pockets for thermal isolation and the wetsuit can only be hand made by skillful professionals. The manufacturing procedure is very complex and takes a […]