What is the difference betweeen “NanoPreneShield®” and “BioTermic®”?

NanoPreneShield® and BioTermic® are special coatings mainly used to line, laminate or both, the split /open cell area of the 100% CR Yamamoto Neoprene. NanoPreneShield® and BioTermic® are basically the same except that the materials used in their composition differ. The former uses a Bio Ceramic which was invented by NASA in the early 70’s, in its quest for a heat-reflecting material that would protect the space vessels from overheating as they reenter the atmosphere on their way back to earth.
The latter, uses Titanium Oxide powder, which has numerous advantages, too long to be listed here. Both NanoPreneShield® and BioTermic® are therefore a coating applied to the exposed “split-cell” inside of some of Yazbeck’s wetsuits, Neoprene vests, gloves and socks.

The drive behind Yazbeck’s NanoPreneShield® and BioTermic® coatings was fourfold:

1- Unlike standard wetsuits fabric lining, Yazbeck’s NanoPreneShield® and BioTermic do not absorb water and prevent the wetsuit from “clinging”. So the diver is not greeted with cold when re-wearing a suit that has already been submerged in water. Comfort levels are significantly increased;

2- Typical jersey/rubber combinations allow for the growth of bacteria on their surface. Yazbeck’s NanoPreneShield® and BioTermic coatings are antibacterial

3- Fabric on one side only (top part, or lamination) allows for more stretch than on both sides (inside is fabric-less, or lining-free). When a wetsuit is lined with Yazbeck’s NanoPreneShield® or BioTermic® (coatings are applied inside), you gain all of the benefits, plus the added stretch;

4- Yazbeck’s NanoPreneShield® and BioTermic® are slick as Teflon® and reflect back most infrared (heat) radiation. This makes them the perfect barrier against heat transfer between the diver and the water and allow the diver to wear the wetsuit without any form of lubrication.

5- A fifth characteristic and the reason NanoPreneShield® and BioTermic® are the choice of top competitive freedivers is, when either is applied on the outside or the inside (lamination and/or lining) of the suit, it drastically reduces water resistance/friction(0.032). On the inside, it eliminates the friction between the skin and the wetsuit during motion, therefore reducing fatigue and consequently, oxygen consumption. And when applied on the outside, its increased hydrodynamics allows for deeper dives and faster times, while using fewer strokes.

Yazbeck is the only manufacturer in the world who applies such coatings, directly on the “split-cell” surface, so the wetsuit remains an “open cell” (split-cell) wetsuit, but with the NanoPreneShield® and BioTermic ® phenomenal properties.

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