What is the Hamour Camouflage?

The Hamour Camo pattern is definitely the most effective Camouflage design ever to be created. It is a world premiere in many aspects.
Its chameleon-like instant morphing, blends-in any surrounding environment, rendering different hues, depending on light, colors or shapes, with such a holographic effect, that it’s nothing short of magic.
Never before has a camouflage behaved so organically and is no coincidence, for it took us more than 3 years of research and development before we finally created it.
The “Hamour” would be impossible to reproduce with standard inks on any commercially available fabric, made by any other brand in the world, including DuPont’s famous Lycra™ and Spandex™, which both pale in comparison with Impermeaflex®, Yazbeck’s exclusive, hyper-flexible and hydrophobic lamination and rashguard fabric.

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