What is “Holoblend®” ?

This is the natural evolution of the 3D Camouflage that Yazbeck created in 2004. It was a first, introduced to the freedive hunting and spearfishing world in 2005 through the launching of the preeminent Yazbeck Camo Thermoflex model wetsuit. Holoblend® is another world exclusive by Roger Yazbeck and can only be obtained through a sublimation printing process on Impermeaflex®.

Since 2004, Roger Yazbeck has designed, created and produced more than 15 different, unique and exclusive camouflage designs, patterns and colors. Under his own Yazbeck brand, 7 Holoblend® Camo wetsuits have been launched so far: the “Camo ThermoFlex” (2005 to 2007), then the “Snyper” and the “Kelpstalker” (2008). The “Hamour”/“Scorpionfish” (2014). The 5th and 6th Holoblend® designs are now taking the world by storm, even before their official launching in the U.S.A. These are Yazbeck’s 2015 creations: “Carbone” and “Thazard”. The 7th design is now in testing as a prototype and will be launched in Hawaii in 2016 as the model “Nohu”.

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