What’s so special about Holoblend® compared to other brands camouflage patterns?

Before Yazbeck started it, none of the other brands had ever used sublimation printing on Elastane before. (Educate yourself about the sublimation printing method by searching for it on Wikipedia.org).Those who do, have copied the idea and method from Roger YAZBECK, except that they do not have the proper materials for it, therefore their resulting wetsuits are a failure.

On the other hand, the brands that use other fabric printing methods and heavily market their designs as 3D Camo are merely copycats, albeit bad ones.

However, there is a plethora of things that make a Yazbeck freedive hunting wetsuit and only Roger Yazbeck holds all the threads. This is why he has chosen to actually live in China most of the time, to supervise each and every Yazbeck wetsuits production in person. Not even a sample can be manufactured unless he is present in person at the factory for the pre-production, work in progress as well as post-production final quality control and inspection.

By end of 2013, Yazbeck had launched the 4th generation freedive hunting and spearfishing wetsuits, whereas the others are still struggling with the first one and still botching it.

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