How is it that special Neoprene manufactured and how could you describe it?

The 100% CR Neoprene used in the Yazbeck wetsuits is a rectangular sheet that was sliced to various thicknesses. At its first stage, the sheet is all rubber, called a master foam or slab. Both surfaces look and feel the same: smooth and very soft to the touch rubber (skin), as if polished.

When the Neoprene sheet is sliced, thousands of minuscule suction cups are exposed, like a rich “soufflé” or “chocolate-mousse”, filled with air bubbles. This is why divers must lubricate the wetsuit before donning it. Some use talcum powder, soap and water or hair conditioner and water.

At this stage, the Neoprene sheet is ready for the final treatment. It could either be turned into a “smooth-skin-out, open/split-cell-in” wetsuit, or into a “Nylon (or Lycra) out, split-cell-in” or Titanium lined wetsuit . The second choice, is obtained by laminating the sheet with Impermeaflex® or other fabric. We then have the perfect “second skin” for a Freediver: “the “split-cell-in”, also referred to as “open-cell” or “skin-in”.

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