How to repair a cut on the outside of your wetsuit?

First, the loose threads have to be cut with sharp scissors. Then it must be washed with fresh water to remove salt and dirt. Then after it has well dried, neoprene glue is used to bond it again. (Use SOFT neoprene glue, that stays soft after curing, such as Black Magic)

1- Make sure the surface is washed with fresh water and that all dirt and sand is removed. Then let the suit completely dry.
2- Apply Yazbeck Neoprene Repair Glue on each broken edge and cover completely.
3- Keep both sides of the cut separated and wait until dry to touch (about 10 minutes or so, depending on weather and humidity in the air).
4- Apply a 2nd coat on each edge of the cut.
5- Wait again until dry to the touch, then CAREFULLY and PRECISELY join the edges.
6- Once edges are joined, press and pinch forcefully in order to squeeze out any tiny air bubble that may still be trapped between the 2 edges.
7- Once it has been glued, 2 things can be done:

  • a surface stitching with a thin needle and NYLON or POLYESTER thin thread (NO Cotton, as sea salt will break it down) – you can use a matching color thread with the Camo of the suit.
  • If you have liquid latex, even better. It can be applied in 3 to 4 layers after glue has dried. Even without surface stitching, the latex will completely hold it together. Liquid Latex can be found at any hobby store.

8- Refer to our Yazbeck How to Repair your Wetsuit Tears Video – Click Here to View Now

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