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  • @jdbaluch out for a morning swim to check out his ulua houses. #divetosurvive #yazbeck @perrinjames1.  Visit YAZBECK.COM and pick up your Carbone wetsuit today. #Yazbeckwetsuits #yazbeck
  • @chegonzos enjoying island life both above and below water in sunny Molokai!  Thanks for the video. Yazbeck Hamour. Blend in.  #nocompromise #yazbeck
  • Slip into a Yazbeck Wetsuit and let the calm, peaceful serenity of the deep wash over you.  Yazbeck Ambassador, Justin Baluch (@jdbaluch) enjoying nature's magnificence at depth.  #hawaiianseaturtle #yazbeck #apnea. Photo by Staff Photographer @perrinjames1.  Check out Perrin's full spread and featured articles in the latest Hawaii Skin Diver Magazine!  Congrats buddy! @hawaiiskindivermag
  • Careful attention to detail and pride in every seam and blind stitch.  Yazbeck wetsuits are lovingly handmade by skilled neoprene and textile artisans -- specialists in their field.  This isn't some mythical sweat shop.  Where is the iPhone manufactured?  Where does your local wetsuit maker get "their" neoprene from? Come with us over next few weeks as we take you inside our factory and show you just how much pride and attention to detail go into our #Yazbeck wetsuits.
  • Staff Cinematographer, @perrinjames1 throwing #shakasovershipwrecks somewhere in the Pacific.  Stay tuned as Perrin travels to document the mythical sea creatures known as Narwahls in the coming months.  #Yazbeck #Yazbeckwetsuits #kelpstalker