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The very best Spearfishing Wetsuits

Yazbeck offers premium Spearfishing Wetsuits and Freediving Wetsuits in a vast array of sizes and patterns.  We use only premium fabrics and neoprenes to handcraft the best suit for your money.  Built to last, choose Yazbeck Wetsuits.  No Compromise!

Yazbeck Family

  • Getting close to reef donkeys like this is much easier when the fish can't see you!  Photo by @dwezz75. #amberjack #yazbeck #yazbeckwetsuits
  • Majestic beauty. #Tahiti. Photo by @poemaduprel. #yazbeckwetsuits #yazbeck
  • @perrinjames1 making new friends in the Bahamas. Photo by @nocabjt. #yazbeckwetsuits #Yazbeck #carbone
  • @thepredatorstrikesagain with a nice sized permit. The Yazbeck Hamour wetsuit gives you the freedom and flexibility to comfortably stalk prey or capture that once in a lifetime photo.  Pick yours up today at YAZBECK.COM.
  • @benthic_ocean_sports living the dream and staying warm while doing it!  Photo by @kyle_howie.  Visit our network of dealers or YAZBECK.COM to learn more about our innovative Spearfishing wetsuits. ✌